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Ali Edwards' passion is memory keeping that's rooted in stories, photos and intentional embellishments. Ali's projects include everyday life documentation along with a few annual projects like One Little Word® and December Daily®.

At Ali Edwards Design, Inc. we provide products, purpose, and a plan for crafting your story.

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As my brand has continued to grow, demand for intentional products to go along with my popular projects increased. My core talents are in creating content, education and building community around memory keeping and I’m not personally interested in spending time on the process of manufacturing products. Having no interest in taking on that responsibility myself, it made sense for me to partner with Inked whose experience and knowledge in product sourcing (design, manufacture, and distribution) complemented my desire to produce intentional products while keeping my main focus on creating content. My partnership with Inked has allowed me to continue to do what I’m good at and leverage their infrastructure and experience doing the rest.

Ali Edwards

Founder of Ali Edwards, Inc.


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